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Lock and Dam 5

Lock and Dam 5 were built from 1836-1842 and support a fourteen mile long pool of water. The original dam was a timber crib structure, consisting of an outside frame of timbers filled with dirt and rock, and the original lock was stone masonry. The structures are located eighty two miles above the mouth of the Ohio River. A concrete cutoff wall was placed in the lock in 2006.


  • 1836-1842 Original construction of lock and dam
  • 1886 Dam is rebuilt by the Corps of Engineers
  • Approximately 1911 Concrete cap was added on top of the timber crib dam
  • 1940 Concrete crest was added along the top of the dam, repairs were made on the concrete downstream slope of the dam
  • 1993-1995 Sheet piling was added on the upstream face of the dam, gravel was used to fill in the top of the dam and topped with a concrete cap, the downstream face voids were filled and topped with a new concrete overlay, Derrick stone was placed below the dam apron
  • 2006 Concrete cutoff wall and water release valve were placed in lock chamber


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