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Boat Ramps

While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the following list of Kentucky River Boat Ramps, the Kentucky River Authority does not own, operate or maintain any of these facilities. The ramps, particularly the privately owned ones, are subject to change either in the fee that is charged or even whether or not it is open to the public.

*Note: Kentucky River mile 0 starts where the Kentucky River flows into the Ohio River in Carrollton. R and L indicate river right or river left to a person traveling downstream.

Boat Ramp Info as PDF

Kentucky River boat ramp information, including river mile, fees, type of ramp, and location.
Ramp NameRiver Mile*Ramp FeeRamp TypeCountyMap
Point Park RampOhio Mile 545.7LTrailerable Recreational BoatsCarrollMap for Point Park Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 14.0R
Twin Eagle Ramp (Big Twin Creek Ramp)17.5RLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsOwenMap for Twin Eagle Ramp (Big Twin Creek Ramp)
Gratz City Ramp28.5RTrailerable Recreational BoatsOwenMap for Gratz City Ramp
Lock 2 Ramp (4WD only)31.0LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsHenryMap for Lock 2 Ramp (4WD only)
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 231.0L
Six Mile Creek Ramp31.1LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsHenryMap for Six Mile Creek Ramp
Monterey Ramp42.0RMembershipLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsOwenMap for Monterey Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 342.0L
Sand Ripple Fish & Wildlife VPA45.0LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsHenryMap for Sand Ripple Fish & Wildlife VPA
Still Waters Boat Ramp51.9RFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsFranklinMap for Still Waters Boat Ramp
Steele Branch Ramp55.1RTrailerable Recreational BoatsFranklinMap for Steele Branch Ramp
Kentucky River Campground55.8RFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsFranklinMap for Kentucky River Campground
Buffalo Trace Distillery Ramp64.5RMembershipLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsFranklinMap for Buffalo Trace Distillery Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 465.0L
Benson Creek Boat Ramp65.8LTrailerable Recreational BoatsFranklinMap for Benson Creek Boat Ramp
Frankfort Boat Dock Ramp66.2RLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsFranklinMap for Frankfort Boat Dock Ramp
Old Lawrenceburg Road Ramp (Lee's Ramp)68.8LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsFranklinMap for Old Lawrenceburg Road Ramp (Lee's Ramp)
Clifton Ramp78.9RMembershipLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsWoodfordMap for Clifton Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 582.2L
Fint's Ramp84.5LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsAndersonMap for Fint's Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 696.2R
Oregon Road Ramp97.3LTrailerable Recreational BoatsMercerMap for Oregon Road Ramp
Cummins Ferry Ramp (Nonesuch)104.9RLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsWoodfordMap for Cummins Ferry Ramp (Nonesuch)
Cummins Ferry Marina105.3LFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsMercerMap for Cummins Ferry Marina
Palisades Adventures113.5LFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsMercerMap for Palisades Adventures
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 7117.0R
High Bridge Ramp117.5RFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsJessamineMap for High Bridge Ramp
Camp Nelson Ramp135LFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsGarrardMap for Camp Nelson Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 8139.9R
KY 39 Ramp (HWY 1541 Ramp)146.1RLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsJessamineMap for KY 39 Ramp (HWY 1541 Ramp)
Buckeye Ridge Ramp (Paint Lick Ramp)146.1LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsGarrardMap for Buckeye Ridge Ramp (Paint Lick Ramp)
Poosey Ridge Ramp (HWY 595 Ramp)149.0LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsMadisonMap for Poosey Ridge Ramp (HWY 595 Ramp)
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 9157.5R
Valley View Ferry157.9RCarry Down OnlyJessamineMap for Valley View Ferry
Clays Ferry Boat Dock170.0RFeeTrailerable Recreational BoatsFayetteMap for Clays Ferry Boat Dock
Boonesborough State Park175.9LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsMadisonMap for Boonesborough State Park
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 10176.4L
Old Habits Boat Dock179.3RFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsClarkMap for Old Habits Boat Dock
Jackson Ferry Launch185.0RLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsClarkMap for Jackson Ferry Launch
Red River Ramp (Merritt Ramp)190.8RFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsClarkMap for Red River Ramp (Merritt Ramp)
College Hill Ramp190.8LTrailerable Recreational BoatsMadisonMap for College Hill Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 11201.0R
Kentucky River Park and Rec Center (Canoe Launch)212.0RCanoe & Kayak LaunchEstillMap for Kentucky River Park and Rec Center (Canoe Launch)
Irvine Ramp218.0LFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsEstillMap for Irvine Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 12220.9R
Ravenna American Legion (Frank Brown Ramp)221.2RFeeLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsEstillMap for Ravenna American Legion (Frank Brown Ramp)
Lock 13 Ramp239.9LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsLeeMap for Lock 13 Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 13239.9L
Sturgeon Creek Ramp248.8LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsLeeMap for Sturgeon Creek Ramp
Kentucky River Lock and Dam 14249.0R
Beattyville RampNorth Fork Ky 0.5RLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsLeeMap for Beattyville Ramp
KY 52 near Beattyville RampNorth Fork Ky 2.8LLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsLeeMap for KY 52 near Beattyville Ramp
Perry County Park RampNorth Fork HazardLight Trailerable Recreational BoatsPerry