Loan Application Overview

Green Bank of Kentucky Program

Loan Application Overview

Any state agency may apply for low-interest financing from the Green Bank.

Before applying for a loan, a state agency must first complete and return the required energy survey to the Finance and Administration Cabinet's Division of Facility Efficiency located in the Bush Building, 403 Wapping St., Frankfort, KY 40601. You can download the Green Bank loan application or obtain a copy by contacting Joe Wolford at the Office of Facility Development and Efficiency (502) 565-3155.

The Green Bank application must be completed by the state agency, signed by the agency head and returned to the Secretary of Finance and Administration Cabinet, as the Chair of the Executive Advisory Loan Review Committee.

The Green Bank loan application should include:

  1. The scope of the proposed project.
  2. The estimated energy usage reduction and cost savings to be derived and methods used to determine the reductions and savings.
  3. The time frame of the project, including start date, completion date, date on which funds will be required, and estimated draw down.
  4. The summary of the project management and monitoring to be used.

Once all required information is received, the Green Bank loan application will be considered by the Loan Committee based on feasibility, estimated energy usage reduction, savings, risk of default, size of loan requested, availability of funds, eligible uses of funds, and other factors.

Approval of a Green Bank energy loan does not authorize the agency to implement an Energy Savings Plan. The agency must still follow all applicable budgetary authorizations and procurement laws of the Commonwealth.