Office of Budget and Fiscal Management


​Tammy Eversole, Executive Staff Advisor, 502-564-1452 or
Lori Mann, Federal Program Reviewer, 502-564-0165 or
​Kit Stone, Administrative Assistant, 502-564-8042 or
Leanne Warren, State Program Reviewer, 502-564-8041 or

Office of Budget and Fiscal Management (OBFM) is comprised of the Division of Budget and the Division of Fiscal Management.
OBFM administers the Finance and Administration Cabinet (FAC) and the consolidated agencies on day-to-day financial operations. The Office provides budgeting, customer billing, purchasing, procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reporting and federal financial services. OBFM also monitors the Emergency Rental Assistance program, which provides funding to assist households that are unable to pay rent or utilities due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  
The Division of Budget is responsible for Operating and Biennial Budget planning and submission. The Division is responsible for financial oversight of year-end closeout, coordination/submission of the Six-Year Capital Plan, and is the liaison between FAC agencies and the Office of State Budget Director. 
The Division of Fiscal Management is comprised of the Internal Accounting Branch and Purchasing & Procurement Branch. The Internal Accounting Branch is responsible for processing all payments, travel, and Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) payments. The Purchasing and Procurement Branch is responsible for all purchasing and procurment needs and ProCard administration for the FAC departments and agencies administratively attached to FAC. Fiscal Management is also the liaison between FAC agencies and the Office of Procurement Services.​

Billing Contacts

​COT Monthly Billing
​Ryan Todd
​EBI Annual Billing
​Tammy Eversole
​eMARS Quarterly Billing
​Tammy Eversole
​Fleet Monthly Billing
​Tammy Eversole
​Postal Billing
​Tammy Eversole​
​Sealed Treasury Mail
​ (STM)​
​Ryan ​Todd​​


Training Program

OBFM, along with the Division of Human Resources, recently conducted a training class over the course of several weeks for all Finance and Administration Cabinet management. Some of the topics covered in this training program included the budget cycle, ProCard procedures, Small Purchase Authority, purchase request forms, invoices, deposits and state employee travel reimbursement. This training is expected to be offered on a quarterly basis as new management are hired. If additional training is needed, please contact Tina Howard at