Office of Policy and Audit

The Office of Policy and Audit (OPA) helps the Finance and Administration Cabinet (FAC) Secretary carry out their responsibilities as the Chief Financial Officer for the Commonwealth. OPA conducts internal audits, investigations, and management reviews within FAC. At the approval of the Secretary, OPA also provides these services to other cabinets upon request. KRS 42.065

OPA evaluates and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of FAC operations within the following areas:

  • Financial - The assessment of whether reported financial information is presented fairly in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the U.S. GAO Government Auditing Standards (Yellowbook), or other relevant standards.
  • Compliance - The assessment is based on criteria established by provisions of laws, regulations, contracts, grant agreements, or other requirements that could affect the resources of the Commonwealth or the efficiency of providing services to the public
  • Operational or Programmatic- These performance audits provide objective analysis to assist management to improve program performance, costs and efficiency by providing recommendations to improve processes, including internal controls.
  • Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Detection - Waste is unnecessary, careless, or extravagant costs due to poor or ineffective practices, controls, or decisions. Fraud is any intentional act or omission designed to deceive others, resulting in personal gain.  Abuse involves improper behavior that includes the misuse of authority or position for personal interests.

OPA's annual audit plans are reviewed and approved by the Cabinet Secretary.

OPA also coordinates and provides guidance to cabinet offices when enacting, amending, and repealing of internal Finance Policies and Procedures (FP&P).

OPA also coordinates the enacting, amending, and repealing of state-wide Finance and Administration Cabinet Policies (FAP).