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United Parcel Service (UPS)


The UPS Master Agreement for Small Package Delivery Services, MA 758 2200000302, is effective August 1, 2022. Rates are variable based on the Fuel Index. See

​​Agencies with previous UPS accounts listed on the attached spreadsheet are authorized to begin using the Master Agreement on August 1, 2022.

Other agencies not listed on the attached spreadsheet wishing to use the Master Agreement may contact UPS by emailing the attached NASPO Kentucky Add form to on or after August 1, 2022. UPS services will begin the Monday following the date the form is submitted.

Contact Daniel Salvato,  with questions.


NASPO Kentucky Account Add form

Kentucky account numbers for NASPO KY agreement.


 To set up a FedEx account, follow these steps:

​​​​​​​​​Buyer - Daniel Salvato

  • MA-758-PUNC1900000002
    Grainger - for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO).

    For questions concerning your orders, changes to your orders or navigating the Grainger website contact Grainger Customer Care at 877-202-2592 or

  • MA-758-PUNC1900000003
    Fastenal - for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO).

    For eQuotes contact Zachary Tepe at

    If you have questions concerning your orders, changes to your orders or navigating the Fastenal web-site, contact

  • MA-758-PUNC1900000004
    Sid Tool Company, dba MSC Industrial Supply Company - for MSC Industrial Supply Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO).

    For General Sales questions contact Brad Walter, MSC Industrial Supply Co, Government Business Development Executive, for Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania, at 330-770-9777 or ​​

    For PunchOut questions contact or 800-753-7970.

  • MA-758-PUNC2200000715​-1 (PunchOut) and MA-758-2200000715 (Walk-In)​

    ​Lowe's Home Centers - NASPO ValuePoint All State Agency Master Agreements

    ​​​​PunchOut Utilize for ordering and either pickup at a local Lowe’s site or choose a delivery option (may incur additional fees).  Lowe’s will send an official receipt with a scan code for pickup to the eMARS user.  Any individual the agency chooses may take the receipt to the applicable Lowe’s for product pickup.

​Options for purchasing in store:
    1. Key fob and State Issued Pro Card (preferred method)  Agencies may obtain a key fob from the website below for Lowe's.  This key fob should be scanned before entering the state issued Pro Card for payment, to apply the discount percentage and remove sales tax.  
    2. ​Lowes Purchasing Card. Lowes purchasing cards may be utilized for individuals who do not hold a state issued ProCard.  The purchasing cards will apply the discount percentage and remove sales tax upon being presented for payment. The user agency will receive an invoice from Lowes for payment. 

Buyer - Carrie Willard

  • MA 758 PUNC1600000005-1
    Fisher Scientific - for Laboratory Supplies.

    For Orders/Customer Service: 800-766-7000,
    for Fishersci Website Support: 877-885-2081 or,
    for eCommerce Systems: 877-372-4334 or,
    and for Other Fisher Scientific Issues:

  • MA 758 2000000152
    Cardinal Health - for MMCAP Pharmaceutical Distribution including PRxO generics program.

    For technical support for MMCAP membership for this contract contact please contact Carrie.

    Any Kentucky State Agency or any political subdivision, as defined by KRS 45A.050, who wishes to use any MMCAP contract MUST be have an active MMCAP membership. With an active MMCAP membership, the entity's designee will have full access to MMCAP's website to view the Terms and Conditions and all other requirements and information associated with this contract. Because members have full access to the terms of all contracts on the website, specific terms of the contract will not be added here. Members are to go to the MMCAP website to review the contract regarding the PRxO generics program information. See Secton 4.5, D. Stock Outages for specific information on the vendor's responsibility and the members' responsibilities regarding the PRxO generics program. MMCAP membership is limited to those entities who have the legal authority to purchase from the contracts awarded by the KY Finance and Administration Cabinet's Office of Procurement Services.

    For general information regarding membership , go to:
    For an application or other information regarding obtaining membership , please contact: Carrie Willard at 502-564-6515.

  • MA-758-PUNC1300000396

    To purchase through the McKesson PunchOut contract please follow the steps below:

    1.       Contact Carrie Willard to request a Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP) application

    2.       Send application to MMCAP or to Carrie Willard

    3.       Receive Account Number from MMCAP

    4.       Register your location (Procurement Location (PLOC) in eMARS) and establish a McKesson Account​

    5.       Provide your McKesson number and Location Code, Name, Address, to either Carrie Willard or Shelby Luby with the Office of Procurement Services (OPS)

    6.       Representative from OPS will contact McKesson and request this new Account and Location be mapped

    7.       Once McKesson has mapped location agency can PunchOut and complete a PunchOut order

    8.       If issues arise contact Shelby Luby or Carrie Willard​

  • ​​​​​​​​​MA 758 PUNC2400000207 with Baumann Paper Company
    Customer Service: 800-860-8891 or​
    Account Setup for Baumann Paper Company: If you are a non-eMARS User please send the following information to or website form​ : Location/Office Name, Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, Contact Email, and Shipping Address.

  • MA 758 PUNC2400000208 with Office Depot (ODP)​
    Customer Service: 888-263-3423 or 
    Office Depot (ODP) Website Guide for Commonwealth of Kentucky

    Account Setup for Office Depot (ODP): For those creating DO4 (non-ProCard) orders with ODP or non-eMARS Users, please email or​ the following information: eMARS Procurement Location associated with billing account, Accounts Payable (AP) Contact Name, AP Phone #, AP Email Address, and Email address where invoices should be sent. Setup time for billing accounts are 24-48 hours. If you have already submitted a DO4 order, you will be contacted to obtain this information. Once the setup is complete, you can submit both DO4 and DO3 (ProCard) orders for your account. For those creating DO3, you do not have to setup and account, but you can if you want to in the event you would create a DO4 at some point.​

Commonwealth State Agencies may access the discount percentage catalog available in eMARS. All other interested parties may obtain applicable discount percentages by contacting the Vendor or Buyer listed on the Contacts List below.

Please note: Shipments are to be FOB destination. Freight/Delivery charges are not included in pricing. Freight charges will be prepaid by the vendor, based on actual cost, and added to invoice accompanied by a copy of the freight bill or other document verifying the freight costs.

  • ​​​​​​​MA-758-2100000511​​ - Tewell Family LLC, dba Frankfort Toyota (Toyota Fleet Motor Vehicles)
    ​​​​​Contract for MA 758 2100000511

Off-Road Vehicles​

Vehicle Accessories

Tires, Tubes, and Services