Potential Private Sector Partners

​The ability of Kentucky government agencies to work with private sector partners on projects gained momentum in 2016 with passage of legislation regarding public-private-partnerships (P3s) for projects.

A valid unsolicited P3 proposal must:

  • Be independently generated.
  • Be prepared without government involvement/direction.
  • Include sufficient detail to determine benefits to agency or local government.

Solicited P3s

Government agencies, both state and local, will determine if a solicited P3 is the appropriate way to proceed with certain capital services or construction projects (see KRS 45A.077 or KRS 65.028). If an agency wishes to pursue a P3 for a project, then a request for proposal (RFP) will be developed and posted on the Finance and Administration Cabinet's website. Private sector vendors will send responses based on the criteria in the RFP.

Unsolicited P3s

The legislation also allows agencies to consider unsolicited P3 projects that private sector partners recommend. Transportation-related P3 projects fall under KRS 175B.015 and KRS 175B.037.