eMARS and Accounting Support

CRC Training Materials and Tutorials

The Customer Resource Center provides Help Desk support, training, and continuous process improvement services for state employees in administrative services job functions and for vendors who do business with the Commonwealth.

Sarah R Jones, eMARS Training Coordinator, can be reached at  Sarah.Jones@ky.gov or phone at 502-564-9641.


eMARS End-User Training (Manuals and Tutorials)


NOTE: Agency Contact Listing and Forms 
When changes are needed to the Agency Contacts listing a new form must be completed and faxed to Marcia Adams at 502-564-5319 or scanned and e-mailed to Marcia.Adams@ky.gov.  For the forms used to update the Agency Contacts listing click on the Agency Delegation and Contact Information

Customer Resource Center

702 Capitol Avenue, Room 484
Frankfort, KY  40601
Phone:  502-564-9641
Toll free:  877-973-HELP (4357)
Fax:  502-564-5319