Finance Policies

Finance Policies

Finance and Administration Cabinet (KRS 45A; 45.301; 45.237)

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Policies Related to Procurement and Contracts

FAP 110-10-00 General Conditions and Instructions for Solicitations and Contracts
FAP 111-11-00 ​Modification of Contractors
FAP 111-12-00 Printing and Photocopying Procurement
FAP 111-13-00​ Copier and Printer Procurement and Disposal
FAP 111-15-00​ Computer Hardware, Software and Related Services Procurement
FAP 111-1​8-00 Shredding and Bailing Equipment Procurement
​FAP 111-20-00 Vehicle Purchases
​FAP 111-24-00 Concession Contracts
​FAP 111-26-00 Tax Exemption for Purchases
​FAP 111-27-00 Bonding Requirements for Vendors
FAP 111-35-00 Competitive Sealed Bidding
FAP 111-38-00 Requisitions (RQSs) by Agencies
​FAP 111-41-00 Delivery and Receiving
FAP 111-42-00 Agency Complaints of a Vendor
FAP 111-43-00 Personal Service Contracts (PSCs)
FAP 111-44-00 Memorandum of Agreement (MOAs)
FAP 111-45-00 Payment Documents
FAP 111-51-00 Contract Administration
FAP 111-52-00 Long Term Lease or Rental of Equipment and Services
FAP 111-53-00 Pre-Owned and Reconditioned Equipment and Products
FAP 111-54-00 Trade-In Purchases
​FAP 111-55-00 Small Purchase Procedure for Goods & Non-Professional Services
FAP 111-57-00 Competitive Negotiations
FAP 111-59-00 Federal Debarment


Policies Specifically Related to Procurement and Contracts of Construction and Construction-Related Services

FAP 220-05-00 Bidder Instr for Competitively Sealed Bid Constr Solicitations       
FAP 220-09-00 Force Account Projects
​FAP 220-10-00 Small Purchase Procedure for Construction Services
​FAP 220-14-00 Solicitations for Architect/Eng Svcs & Procedure for Prequal 
FAP 220-17-00 Competitive Negotiations: Construction-Related
​FAP 220-18-00 Capital Project Accounts Closing Process


Policies Related to Real Property

FAP 220-15-00 Acquisition of Real Property                                                      
FAP 220-16-00 Disposition of Real Property


Policies Related to Surplus Property

FAP 220-19-00 Surplus State-Owned Personal Property                                     
FAP 220-21-00 Surplus Federal Property: Acquisition and Distribution


Competitive Bidding Exceptions

FAP 111-08-00 Specified By Law or Regulation                                                   
​FAP 111-09-00 Standing Determination of Not Practicable or Feasible 
FAP 111-10-00 Sole Source
​FAP 111-39-00 Emergency Purchases
​FAP 220-06-00 Construction and Construction-Related Services


Internal Policies

FAP 111-25-00 Closing Fiscal Year Purchases                                                 
FAP 111-58-00 Procurement Card Program
FAP 120-05-00 Prompt Payment to Vendors
​FAP 120-07-00 Fiscal Year Closing
​FAP 120-08-06 ​Grants to Not-For-Profit Entities
​FAP 120-08-07 Assignment of Benefits
​FAP 120-11-00 Lost or Stolen Property
​FAP 120-13-00 Decentralization of the Pre-Audit Function
​FAP 120-14-00 Unhonored Check Processing
​FAP 120-16-00 Automobile Liability Insurance Reimbursement
​FAP 120-19-00 Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 Reporting
​FAP 120-20-01 Personal Property and Vehicle Inventories
​FAP 120-22-00 Agency Security Officer
​FAP 120-23-00 ​Use of Public Funds
​FAP 120-24-00 Cash Handling
​FAP 120-25-00 Payments Via the Check Writer Process
​FAP 120-26-00 Imprest Cash Funds


Commonwealth Office of Technology Enterprise IT Policies (KRS 42.726)