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State Investment Commission

The State Investment Commission (SIC) conducts oversight of the Commonwealth’s investments and meets quarterly. Under the direction of the SIC, the Investments Section manages short-term investments for the Commonwealth and its agencies. Investment objectives are to invest available public funds to maximize safety of principal, liquidity, and yield while minimizing risk.​​


KRS Chapter 42.500, KAR 200 Chapter 14.011, KAR 200 Chapter 14.081, KAR 200 Chapter 14.091 and KAR 200 Chapter 14.200​



Governor (Chairman)
State Treasurer (Vice Chairman)
Secretary, Finance and Administration Cabinet
2 Gubernatorial Appointees:
     W. Fred Brashear, II, representing the Kentucky Bankers Association
     William L. Fallon, representing the Bluegrass Bankers Association


Quarterly Agendas and Minutes




Quorum required. Proxies allowed for ex-officio members only.



To invest available public funds to maximize safety of principal, liquidity and yield while minimizing risk.



Intermediate Term Pool Information Statement
Limited Term Pool Information Statement
Securities Lending Policy
Rule 2a-7 Compliance Procedures
Repurchase Agreement Procedure

 Investment Manual ​


Monthly Investment Reports

Limited Term Pool Reports

2012 SIC Investment Program Review
Broker Dealer List


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