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Kentucky Local Correctional Facilities Construction Authority


 KRS 441.615​


Secretary of Finance and Administration Cabinet (Chairman)
Commissioner of the Department of Corrections
President of Kentucky Jailers Association
President of Kentucky County Judges Association
President of Kentucky Association of Counties
President of Kentucky Magistrates Association
Two members of the General Assembly
Two citizen Members

Scheduled Meetings:

As needed


To provide an additional and alternative method of constructing, improving or repairing and financing local and regional jails.


Audit FY 13
Audit FY 12
Audit FY 11
Audit FY 10
Audit FY 09
Audit FY 08
Audit FY 07
Audit FY 06
Audit FY 05
Audit FY 04


Multi-County Correctional Facilities:

Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 1994
Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2004


OFM Relationship: 

Treasurer and complete staff     ​


Office of Financial Management 
Room 76, Capitol Annex 
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601