Local Government Services

Local Government Specific Reimbursement

Witness Compensation Reimbursement

Jury Fund Reimbursement

Sequestered Juror Reimbursement

  • Court Order Document Form

Public Defender-Indigent Reimbursement

  • Order for Recovery of Necessary Expense in Defense of Indigent – AOC-207
    Specific Instructions:
    Submit a court order ruling that the defendant is an indigent referring to KRS Chapter 31 with date and judge signature.
    Submit an invoice stating itemized billing with amount to be paid.
    Social Security Number or Federal ID number must be submitted.
    Notification of address changes should be included with paperwork in order to receive prompt payment.
    A W-9 Form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) must be completed when name change is requested by payee.  Form can be obtained from the County Fee Systems Branch office.
    All information will be retained as pending until all completed documents are received.

Return of Fugitive from Justice Reimbursement

County Clerk Tax Bill Reimbursement

  • County Clerk Claim for Preparing Tax Bills – DOR-62A363

Board of Assessment Appeals Reimbursement

  • Order of Allowance to the Board of Assessment Appeals –DOR-62A1092