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Guardian Ad Litem

Guardian Ad Litem forms are to be completed by the Guardian Ad Litem attorney/court appointed counsel for the payment of fees by the Finance and Administration Cabinet.  The FINGAL-1 form is to be completed only for cases involving the following statutes; KRS 620.100 (Dependency, Neglect or Abuse), KRS 625.080 (Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights), KRS 625.041 (Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights), KRS 202B.210 (Involuntary Commitment of a Mentally Handicapped Adult) or KRS 311.732(3)(c) (Representation for the performance of an abortion upon a minor).


Guardian Ad Litem Form (FINGAL-1)

The FINGAL-1 form should be distributed to the following:

  • Court file
  • Finance Cabinet (702 Capitol Avenue, Capitol Annex, Room 195, Frankfort, KY 40601) (attested copy)
  • Other person or agency, if any, ordered to pay attorney's fees

For further questions regarding GAL procedures, or to find out the status of a pending payment, please contact the Division of Administrative Support by emailing


If an attorney is appointed to represent a prisoner in a child support or paternity action, please refer to the following GAL Payment Instruction Sheet for information.  GAL Payment Instruction Sheet.docxGAL Payment Instruction Sheet.docx  If you still have additional questions, please contact the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Child Support Enforcement  by emailing