WellCare Response

01. WellCare of Kentucky, Inc. Technical Proposal RFP 758 2000000202 R

02. Attachment B.2.b.ii-2 WHICKY-CHMI Management Services Agreement

03. Attachment B.2.b.ii-5 Joint Enterprise Agreement

04. Attachment B.2.b.iii-2 WHICKY Bylaws

05. Attachment B.2.b.iii-4 WHP - Bylaws

06. Attachment B.2.b.iii-6 WCGHM - Bylaws

07. Attachment B.2.b.iii-8 TWMG Bylaws

08. Attachment B.2.b.iii-9 Centene Articles

09. Attachment B.2.b.iii-10 Centene Bylaws

10. Attachment B.2.b.iii-11 BlackRockArticles1

11. Attachment B.2.b.iii-13 BlackRockBylaws

12. Attachment B.2.b.iii-14 TRowePrice articles

13. Attachment B.2.b.iii-15 TRowePriceBylaws

14. Attachment B.2.b.iv-2 NAIC 213 WHICKY - Q3 2019 R

15. Attachment B.2.b.iv-3 NAIC 213 WHICKY - Q2 2019 R

16. Attachment B.2.b.iv-4 NAIC 213 WHICKY - Q1 2019 R

17. Attachment B.2.b.iv-5 NAIC 213 WHICKY - 2018 Annual Statement R

20. Attachment C.10.b.vi WellCare Parity Submission Form

21. Attachment C.12.f.i-3 Draft Provider Directory

22. Attachment C.12.f.ii-1 Sample Enrollee Handbook

23. Attachment C.12.f.ii-2 Sample Enrollee Handbook in Spanish

24. Attachment C.12.f.iii-2 Sample Enrollee Material OTC Catalogue

25. Attachment C.17.d Provider Manual

26. Attachment C.17.f.iv Kentucky Credentialing and CVO Transition Policies and Procedures

27. Attachment C.18.b-1 Dental Quarterly Network Adequacy Report

28. Attachment C.18.b-2 Dental After Hours Quarterly Network Adequacy Report

29. Attachment C.18.b-3 Vision Quarterly Network Adequacy Report

30. Attachment C.18.b-4 Vision After Hours Quarterly Network Adequacy Report

31. Attachment C.18.d Contract Templates for Individual Practitioners and

32. Attachment C.18.e.i Provider Listing

33. Attachment C.18.e.ii Provider Count

34. Attachment C.20.c.iii WellCare Parity Submission Form - KY - FINAL

36. Attachment C.26.a.i WHICKY Anti-Fraud Plan

37. Attachment C.27.a.i-5 Enrollee Compliance Grievance Appeal Report

38. Attachment C.27.a.ii Sample BH Logic Report

39. Attachment C.27.a.iii-2 Sample Avesis Scorecard

40. Attachment C.27.d.i Sample Dashboard Report

41. Attachment C.27.f-2 Source to Template Sample

42. Attachment C.27.f-3 TDD Template Sample

43. Attachment E-1 BIA

44. Attachment E-2 BCP

45. Attachment E-3 Emergency Preparedness Plan

46. Attachment E-4 IT Disaster Recovery Plan

47. Attachment G.5.j Sample Crisis Call Script

48. Attachment G.7.c Sample Trauma Informed Care Training Materials

50. Attachment G.8.a.vi-5 KY SKY Trauma Questions

51. Attachment G.8.b Proposed Screening Tool to Develop the Kentucky SKY

52. Attachment G.9 WellCare of Kentucky SKY Performance Improvement Project

53. Attachment G.10.d-1 BH Child and Adolescent CPGs

54. Attachment X - Contract Compliance