UnitedHealthcare Response

002. A. Transmittal Letter

003. Att. A.iv. Organizational Conflict of Interest Disclosure UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky Ltd

004. B. Disclosure of Violation of Statutes

005. C. Kentucky Tax Registration Application R

006. Att. C.E.68.B Additional Locations

007. D. Registration with the Secretary of State by a Foreign Entity

008. E. Required Annual Affidavit and Other Affidavit(s)

009. F. Completed and Signed Face of Solicitation R

010. Addendum 1 R

011. H1. EEO-1 Report

012. H2. EEO Subcontractor Report Form

013. H3. EEO Affidavit of Intent to Comply

014. J. Proof of Ability to Obtain Performance Bond

015. A. Executive Summary

016. Att. A. Letters of Support

017. 1. Corporate Experience

018. 2. Corporate Information R

019. Att. B.2.a.iv Managing Employees

020. Att. B.2.b.iii-1 Parent Management Agreement

022. Att. B.2.b.iv UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky Parent Business Entity Documents

023. Att. B.2.b.v-1 UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky Uniform Certificate of Authority

026. Att. B.2.c-2 Alorica, Inc. Audited Financial Statements

028. Att. B.2-c-4 CirrusMD, Inc. Audited Financial Statements

029. Att. B.2.c-5 DialAmerica, Inc. Audited Financial Statements

030. Att. B.2.c-6 Healthify, Inc. Audited Financial Statements

031. Att. B.2.c-7 Schoeneckers, Inc. Audited Financial Statements

032. Att. B.2.c-8 SilverLink Communications, LLC Audited Financial Statements

033. Att. B.2.c-9 Vivify Health, Inc. Audited Financial Statements

034. Att. B.2.d.i Litigation Matters

035. Att. B.2.d.ii UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky and Parent Affiliate Sanctions

037. Att. B.2.e PHI Breaches for UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky

038. Att. B.2.f NCQA Accreditation Downward Adjustments

039. 3. Staffing

040. Att. B.3.a.iv.c Key Personnel Resumes

041. Att. B.3.b Organizational Chart

042. 1. Subcontracts

043. 2. Collaboration

044. 3. Capitation Payments

045. 4. Financial Security Obligations

046. Att. C.4.b Credit Agreement and Promissory Note

047. 5. Third Party Resources

048. 6. Management Information System

049. Att. C.6.a UnitedHealthcare Management Information System

050. 7. Encounter Data

051. Att. C.7.b Encounter Data Processing Policy and Procedures

052. 8. Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) and Electronic Health Records

053. 9. Quality Management and Health Outcomes

054. 10. Utilization Management

055. 11. Monitoring and Oversight

056. 12. Enrollee Services

057. Att. C.12.f.i Welcome Pack and Enrollee ID Card

058. Att. C.12.f.ii Sample Enrollee Handbook

059. Att. C.12.f.iii Sample Enrollee Materials

060. 13. Enrollee Selection of Primary Care Provider (PCP)

061. 14. Enrollee Grievances and Appeals

062. 15. Marketing

063. Att. C.15 Sample Marketing Plan

064. 16. Enrollee Eligibility Enrollment and Disenrollment

065. 17. Provider Services

066. Att. C.17.d-1 Sample Care Provider Manual-Ohio

067. Att. C.17.d-2 Sample 2019 Care Provider Manual TOC

068. Att. C.17.f.-1 Credentialing Policies and Procedures-1-2

069. Att. C.17.f-2 Procedures for CVO Coordination

070. 18. Provider Network

071. Att. C.18.d 00_UnitedHealthcare Provider Agreement Submission

071. Att. C.18.d 13_Behavioral Health Facility Agreement

071. Att. C.18.d 21_Subcontractor Business Agreement

071. Att. C.18.d 22_Transportation Provider Agreement

071. Att. C.18.d 24_Physical Health Provider Amendment

071. Att. C.18.d 27_Vision Provider Agreement

072. Att. C.18.e.i UnitedHealthcare Excel Workbook by Provider Type

073. Att. C.18.e.ii UHC-Provider Counts

074. Att. C.18.e.iii UnitedHealthcare Statewide GeoAccess Report

075. Att. C.18.g-1 Provider Appointment Availability Survey-Sample Questions

076 Att. C.18.g-2 Medicaid Top Enrollee Call Drivers Report

077. 19. Provider Payment Provisions

078. Att. C.19.b.i UnitedHealthcare Claims Policies

079. 20. Covered Services

080. 21. Pharmacy Benefits

081. Att. C.21.a.i PBM Contract

082. 22. Special Program Requirements

083. 23. Behavioral Health Services

084. 24. Population Health Management Program

085. 25. Enrollees with Special Health Care Needs

086. 26. Program Integrity

087. 27. Contractor Reporting Requirements

090. 28. Records Maintenance and Audit Rights

091. 29. Use Cases

092. D. Implementation Plan

093. Att. D. Implementation Plan

094. E. Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Plan

095. Att. E.2 Event Management Plan

096. F. Turnover Plan

097. Att. F. Turnover Plan

098. G.1. Executive Summary

099. Att. G.1 Letters of Support

100. G.2. Company Background

101. Att. G.2.a.ii Managed Care Contracts for Foster Care

102. Att. G.2.c.iv.c Resumes

103. G.3. Kentucky SKY Implementation

104. Att. G.3.a Implementation Plan

105. G.4. Kentucky SKY Contractor Educational and Training Requirements

106. G.5. Kentucky SKY Enrollee Services

107. Att. G.5.c.vi Sample PCP Enrollee Panel Report

108. G.6. Provider Network

109. G.7. Provider Services

110. Att. G.7.c-1 Trauma Informed Care Training Flyer Care Philosophy Training

112. G.8. Covered Services

113. Att. G.8.a.vi-1 CSDC-SF

114. Att. G.8.a.vi-2 PC-PTSD

115. Att. G.8.a.vi-3 PCL-5

116. Att. G.8.a.vi-4 PSC-35

117. Att. G.8.b-1 Pediatric Core

118. Att. G.8.b-2 Adult Core

119. Att. G.8.b-3 Pediatric to Adult Transition

120. Att. G.8.b-4 Healthy First Steps

121. G.9. Health Outcomes

122. G.10. Population Health Management and Care Coordination

123. G.11. Utilization Management

124. G.12. Aging Out Services

125. G.13. Use Cases for Kentucky SKY

Att. B.2.b.iii-2.a Dental Benefit Providers Affiliate Management Agreement

Att. B.2.b.iii-2.b March Vision Affiliate Management Agreement

Att. B.2.b.iii-2.c OptumHealth Care Solutions Management Agreement

Att. B.2.b.iii-2.d OptumInsight Management Agreement

Att. B.2.b.iii-2.e OptumRx Affiliate Management Agreement

Att. B.2.b.iii-2.f United Behavioral Health Affiliate Management Agreement

Att. B.2.b.iii-2.g Generic Medicaid and CHIP Regulatory App Affiliate Management Agreement

Att. B.2.b.v-2a 2018 Annual Statement to Insurance Department

Att. B.2.b.v-2b 2019 Q1 Statement to Insurance Department

Att. B.2.b.v-2c 2019 Q2 Statement to Insurance Department

Att. B.2.b.v-2d 2019 Q3 Statement to Insurance Department

Att. B.2.c-1a UnitedHealth Group 2018 Audited Financial Statement

Att. B.2.c-1b UnitedHealth Group 2017 Audited Financial Statement

Att. B.2.c-1c UnitedHealth Group 2016 Audited Financial Statement

Att. B.2.c-3a CareCore National, LLC 2018 Audited Financial Statements

Att. B.2.c-3b CareCore National, LLC 2017 Audited Financial Statements

Att. B.2.c-3c CareCore National, LLC 2016 Audited Financial Statements

Att. B.2.d.iii-1 UnitedHealth Group Form 10-Q for Q1 2019

Att. B.2.d.iii-2 UnitedHealth Group Form 10-Q for Q2 2019

Att. B.2.d.iii-3 UnitedHealth Group Form 10-Q for Q3 2019

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample _CMS-416 Annual EPSDT Participation

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample _EPSDT Monthly

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_EPSDT Quarterly

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Fraud Waste Abuse_Providers and Members

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Initial Care Needs Screening

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Member Appeal and Grievances

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Network Access Report PCP

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Network Access Report

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Opioid Misuse and Prevention

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Pharmacy DUR

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Provider Grievances and Appeals

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Service Lines

Att. C.27.a.i. Sample_Third Party Liability

Att. C.27.d.ii. Sample_March Vision Monthly Scorecard

Att. C.27.d.ii. Sample_UHC Claims Monitoring Report_May 2019

Proposal Submission Checklist

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