Molina Response

00a Title Page

00b Table of Contents

01 A Transmittal Letter

A.1 Attachment - Confidentiality Designations Reference Table

B Disclosure of Violation of Statutes

C Kentucky Tax Registration Application

D Registration with the Secretary of State by a Foreign Entity

E Required Annual Affidavit and Other Affidavit(s)

E.1 Attachment A1 Affidavit for Bidders, Offerors, Contractors

F Completed and Signed Face of Solicitation

F.1 Completed Face of Solicitation_R

G Signed Face of Latest Addendum of the Solicitation

G.1 Completed Face of Addendum 2_R

H EEO Forms

H.1a Attachment - EEO Employer Information Report (Molina)

H.1b Attachment - EEO Employer Information Report (MHI)

H.2 Attachment - Affidavit of Intent to Comply

H.3 Attachment - Subcontractor Report Form

I Proposed Solution (see Section 60.7)

I.A Executive Summary

I.B Company Background

I.B.01 Corporate Experience

I.B.01. Attachments to B.1

I.B.01.a Attachment - CBO Letters of Support

I.B.02 Corporate Information

I.B.02. Attachments to B.2

I.B.02.c Attachment - Molina Articles of Incorporation

I.B.02.f Attachment - MHI Certificate of Incorporation

I.B.02.g Attachment - MHI Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation Filed (2013)

I.B.02.h Attachment - MHI Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation Filed (2019)

I.B.02.i Attachment - Molina Certificate of Authority

I.B.02.j Attachment - MHI Financial Information

I.B.02.l Attachment - CVS Health Financial Information

I.B.02.q Attachment - MHI SEC Filings Discussing Pending or Recent Litigation

I.B.02.s Attachment – CVS SEC Filings

I.B.02.t Attachment - Lucina Litigation, Sanctions, SEC Filings Letter

I.B.02.u Attachment - March Vision Litigation, Sanctions, SEC Filings Letter

I.B.02.w Attachment - CVS Health PHI Breaches

I.B.02.x Attachment - Lucina PHI Breaches Letter

I.B.02.y Attachment - March Vision PHI Breaches Letter

I.B.03 Staffing

I.B.03. Attachments to B.3

I.C Technical Approach

I.C.01 Subcontracts

I.C.02 Collaboration

I.C.03 Capitation Payments

I.C.04 Financial Security Obligations

I.C.04. Attachments to C.4

I.C.04.a Attachment - Molina Healthcare, Inc., Form 10-Q for the Period Ended September 30, 2019

I.C.05 Third Party Resources

I.C.06 Management Information System

I.C.07 Encounter Data

I.C.07. Attachments to C.7

I.C.08 Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) and Electronic Health Records

I.C.09 Quality Management and Health Outcomes

I.C.10 Utilization Management

I.C.11 Monitoring and Oversight

I.C.12 Enrollee Services

I.C.12.a Attachment - Draft Confirmation Letter

I.C.12.b Attachment - Draft Welcome Flyer

I.C.12.c Attachment - Draft ID Card and ID Card Insert

I.C.12.d Attachment - Draft Enrollee Handbook

I.C.12.e Attachment - Draft Appeal Letter

I.C.12.f Attachment - Draft Care Management Welcome Letter

I.C.12.g Attachment - Draft Pharmacy PDL Change Letter

I.C.13 Enrollee Selection of Primary Care Provider (PCP)

I.C.14 Enrollee Grievances and Appeals

I.C.15 Marketing

I.C.16 Enrollee Eligibility, Enrollment and Disenrollment

I.C.17 Provider Services

I.C.17. Attachments to C.17

I.C.17.a Attachment - Proposed Provider Manual Table of Contents

I.C.18 Provider Network

I.C.18. Attachments to C.18

I.C.18.f Attachment - Molina Provider Network Detail File

I.C.18.g Attachment - Molina Network Summary Report

I.C.19 Provider Payment Provisions

I.C.19. Attachments to C.19

I.C.20 Covered Services

I.C.21 Pharmacy Benefits

I.C.21. Attachments to C.21

I.C.21.a Attachment - PBM Oversight and Surveillance Program

I.C.22 Special Program Requirements

I.C.23 Behavioral Health Services

I.C.24 Population Health Management (PHM) Program

I.C.25 Enrollees with Special Health Care Needs

I.C.26 Program Integrity

I.C.27 Contractor Reporting Requirements

I.C.28 Records Maintenance and Audit Rights

I.C.29 Use Cases

I.D Implementation Plan

I.D. Attachments to D

I.E Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Plan

I.E. Attachments to E

I.F Turnover Plan

I.F.1 Attachment to F, Turnover Plan

I.G (Optional Submittal) Kentucky SKY

I.G.01 Executive Summary

I.G.02 Company Background

I.G.03 Kentucky SKY Implementation

I.G.04 Kentucky SKY Contractor Educational and Training Requirements

I.G.05 Kentucky SKY Enrollee Services

I.G.06 Provider Network

I.G.07 Provider Services

I.G.07. Attachments to G.7

I.G.08 Covered Services

I.G.08. Attachments to G.8

I.G.08a Attachment - Child PTSD Symptom Scale

I.G.08b Attachment - Child Trauma Screen CST

I.G.09 Health Outcomes

I.G.10 Population Health Management and Care Coordination

I.G.11 Utilization Management

I.G.12 Aging Out Services

I.G.13 Use Cases for Kentucky SKY

J Proof of ability to obtain performance bond

J.1 Proof of Ability to Obtain Performance Bond