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Welcome to the Introduction of the Kentucky Procurement Institute – Training and Certificate Program
The Finance and Administration Cabinet is in the process of revising all current small purchase authority delegations. Agencies desiring a higher delegated authority than the $1,000 limit established in KRS 45A.100 must submit a request by February 17, 2017. A template for the request is provided on this website. The new small purchase authority delegations will become effective July 1, 2017.
The training and certificate program will substantiate basic levels of training accomplished by agency procurement staff and provide a framework for delegation of agency small purchase authority.   
Agencies have spending authority for non-construction purchases of $1,000 established by KRS45A.100. This is commonly referred to as “small purchase authority delegation”. The Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet has the authority to grant higher “small purchase authority delegation” to agencies.
A higher delegated authority requires that staff performing procurement functions must have training corresponding to the level of small purchase authority delegated to the agency. 


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