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 Division of Surplus Properties

The Division of Surplus Properties administers both the state and federal surplus programs in the Commonwealth.  The Division receives and redistributes excess federal and state personal property in the most cost efficient manner and in the best interest of the Commonwealth’s taxpayers.  The Division offers a variety of products for eligible buyers, including: office furniture; construction equipment and supplies; custodial and cleaning items; laboratory and computer equipment; and surplus vehicles not associated with Fleet Management.  The Division promotes and facilitates sustainable reuse of personal surplus property to state agencies, local governments and qualifying non-profit entities.

Services provided by the Division include administering auctions for other state agencies, sealed bid sales, spot bid sales and direct transfer sales. The Division may also receive, warehouse and distribute federal surplus property under the provisions of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (as amended) and other federal laws relating to the disposal of federal surplus property. The Division screens, transports, warehouses and may recondition surplus property for transfer to eligible state and local agencies and other eligible public entities.


Buying from or donating to the Surplus Property Programs

For detailed information on how to donate or buy from either surplus program, or to join our mailing list for upcoming auctions, please visit the Surplus Property Program website.


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