Office of Administrative Services

 Division of Fiscal Management

The Division of Fiscal Management is responsible for COT and Fleet Management customer billing, accounts payable, asset management, procurement, record retention, and other administrative tasks for the Finance and Administration Cabinet (FAC) and agencies administratively attached to FAC.  The division includes the Internal Accounting Branch and Procurement and Customer Billing Branch.


Duties the Division performs:

  • Auditing and authorizing bank payments for procurement card transactions.
  • Auditing and processing travel vouchers.
  • Coordinating record retention activities.
  • Generating billings for COT and Fleet Management services.
  • Grant and year-end reporting for FAC agencies.
  • Managing fixed asset inventory records and coordinating the annual physical inventory for FAC agencies.
  • Payment processing of approved accounts payable.
  • Processing Guardian Ad Litem payments.
  • Providing procurement services for FAC agencies.


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