Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Compliance

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Contract Compliance is responsible for administering the Cabinet’s equal opportunity programs (EO), affirmative action (AA), and Title VI, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); investigating complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment for Cabinet employees; and monitoring contractor compliance.

Specifically, the Office creates, implements and monitors EO/AA, Title VI, and ADA implementation plans; provides ADA, sexual harassment prevention, diversity, and workplace violence prevention training; investigates complaints of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; develops standard procedures regarding EO/AA, sexual harassment, diversity, and the ADA; recruits for a diverse workforce; promotes small business participation in state contracting; andmonitors EEO compliance for state contracts.

Contractor Compliance Program

The Office administers the provisions found at KRS 45.560 - 45.640, known as the Kentucky Equal Employment Opportunity Act. All contract awards in excess of $500,000 are subject to these provisions. The EEO Act prohibits discrimination against any employee of the contractor or job applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, age forty (40) and over, disability, veteran status, or national origin.

Contractor Compliance Forms

According to the Kentucky EEO Act, the contractor/vendor must submit the following documentation to the contracting agency:

  • A statement of intent to comply with the Kentucky Civil Rights Act;
  • an employment utilization report;
  • a breakdown of subcontracts valued at more than $500,000

Within ten (10) days receipt of the documents from the contracting agency, the Office shall review the documentation and determine whether the contractor/ vendor shall be approved. Approved contractors/vendors are qualified to bid on any contract covered by the Kentucky EEO Act without filing additional data for a period of one (1) year.


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Title VI Forms

SP7300021-Complaint Form for Finance Cabinet
SP7300022-Withdrawal of Complaint Form for Finance Cabinet
SP7300023-Complaint Form for KHEAA and KHESLC
SP7300024-Withdrawal of Complaint Form for KHEAA and KHESLC
SP7300025-Complaint Form for KHC
SP7300026-Withdrawal of Complaint Form for KHC

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