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Energy Loans

eSELF Revolving Loan Program allows state agencies to self-perform energy efficiency projects costing between $50,000 and $225,000. The goal for the eSELF program is a 20 percent reduction in energy consumption. State buildings with high energy costs, stable programming and for which no major capital improvement or renovations are planned for at least seven years generally make good candidates for the eSELF program.

Hybrid Revolving Loan Program allows funding for energy projects in state facilities that cost between $50,000 and $600,000. An energy audit or engineering analysis is required along with a completed design and development package. State agencies will procure labor and materials. For more information, please see the Energy Audits page.

ESPC Revolving Loan Program funds energy efficiency projects typically costing more than $600,000. These projects use investment-grade energy audits to provide a detailed cost benefit analysis of energy efficiency investments. These projects also use a life cycle energy cost analysis. For more information, see the Energy Audits page. These loans also require an energy savings performance company or (ESCO). For more information, see our What is an ESCO page.