Information Technology Assessment

The Commonwealth Information Technology Assessment was a key recommendation of Governor Beshear’s Smart Government Initiative. The assessment is an objective review of information technology costs, service models, infrastructure, and governance structures and processes throughout the executive branch. The perspectives of cabinet leaders, budget officers and information technology experts across the organization are included.

When completed, the assessment will increase the value of information technology and, when combined with other SGI recommendations, will ensure that Commonwealth funds are used efficiently and wisely across the executive branch.

To conduct the assessment, the Commonwealth issued a competitive procurement and entered into a contract with Pacific Technologies Incorporated (PTI).


New 9/10/12
Download the Commonwealth of Kentucky Information Technology Assessment 


Presentations & Communications

Announcement Memorandum (December 12, 2011)

Kick-off Meeting Materials

Assessment Charter

Executive Leadership Interview Guide

Governance and Funding Interview Guide

Data Centers and Technical Infrastructure Interview Guide

DRAFT IT Assessment Findings Validation Workshop (April 2012)


Procurement Information

PTI Time and Balance Extension (PON2 750 1200000661-2) 

PTI Contract (PON2  750 120000066)

Request for Proposal (750 11000000361)