Capitol Education Center

The Capitol Education Center is the newest attraction for guests to visit on the Kentucky State Capitol Campus.

Originally used as a space to house heating and cooling equipment, the building has been completely repurposed and “recycled” as a modern learning facility for students and all visitors. 

The Center is outfitted with a range of interactive and multimedia exhibits to educate visitors about sustainability, geography, tourism and government in Kentucky.The building also features a “green” design that incorporates solar panels, a wind turbine, recycled denim insulation and a rooftop garden.  Guests are welcome to sit, relax and eat lunch at the Center while visiting. 

Read more about the Capitol Education Center and the grand opening event:

For Teachers & Students

Links to interactive resources from the Capitol Education Center kiosks

Where are you in Frankfort?

How Does a Bill Become a Law?

The Kentucky Old Capitol Building

Regions of Kentucky

Follow Kentucky Through Geologic Time


Henry Clay Dramatization

Applying the Scientific Method

Jemima Boone Dramatization

Water Solutions: Rain Gardens

The Importance of Water

Cool Crops

Angus Augustus Burleigh Dramatization

Capitol Dome Renovation

Three Branches of State Government

Habitat and Racehorse Development

Karst Topography and Mammoth Cave

The Cumberland Gap Tunnel

What is a Watershed? 

Capitol Education Center
706 Capitol Avenue Loop
Frankfort, Ky. 40601