State Agency and Local Government Procurement

Interested parties may visit the eMARS Vendor Self Service (VSS) website to search for specific items on contract.  A pdf version of the Master Agreement terms and conditions, with vendor contact information, can be found at Kentucky's Open Door Contract Search

Under Kentucky statutes (KRS 45A.050(3)), political subdivisions including cities of all classes, counties and school districts may participate in the all state agency Master Agreements to the same extent as agencies of the Commonwealth. 

For audit purposes, it is highly recommended that local governments, schools, and universities maintain on file a copy of the state MA;  the MA catalog (if applicable); the customer's order form; the final "build" sheet that was agreed upon by the vendor and the customer, where applicable; receipt documents indicating the item was delivered correctly; payment information (date and check number), etc. 


Frequently Requested Information

PunchOut Master Agreement Information


MA 758 PUNC1300000001 for Dell Desktop Hardware and Accessories, Software and Services has replaced MA 758 0600000331. For assistance contact Customer Service 877-542-3355 or global_b2b_support@dell.com


MA 758 PUNC1300000002 for Fastenal Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)has replaced MA 758 1100001151. For eQuotes contact John Hutchason or Tyler Dieterman at ecommercesales@fastenal.com. If you have questions concerning your orders, changes to your orders or navigating the Fastenal web-site, contact ecommercesupport@fastenal.com.

Fastenal User Guide

Information on using Fastenal eQuote

Information on using Fastenal FastConnect


MA 758 PUNC1300000003 for Steelcase Furniture, Design, and Installation has replaced MA 758 1300000542-1. For Quotes contact Jim Gray with Office Resources, Inc. (ORI) at jgray@oriusa.com. For Customer service assistance contact either Doug Edwards with ORI at dedwards@oriusa.com or Robert Shader with ORI at rshader@oriusa.com.


MA 758 PUNC1400000001 for Grainger Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) has replaced MA 758 1100001050-1. For questions concerning your orders, changes to your orders or navigating the Grainger website contact Grainger Customer Care at 877-202-2592 or eprocustomercare@grainger.com.

Sid Tool Company DBA MSC Industrial Supply Company

MA 758 PUNC1400000002 for MSC Industrial Supply Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) has replaced MA 758 1100001052. For General Sales questions contact Anna Slattery, MSC Industrial Supply Co, State Account Manager for the Midwest, at 314-278-9541 or Anna.Slattery@mscdirect.com. For PunchOut questions contact preferred@mscdirect.com or 800-753-7970.

Software House International (SHI)

MA-758-PUNC1400000003 for Software House International Enterprise Software Reseller has replaced MA-758-1100000301-1. For Business/Relationship Management contact Tom Wampler, Business Development Manager, at 502-254-9964 (office), 502-802-5855 (cell), 502-742-5386 (fax) or Tom_Wampler@SHI.com. For SHI Customer Service contact Paul Elliot at 732-537-7286 or Paul_Elliot@SHI.com or Caitlin Flynn at 732-564-8331 or Caitlin_Flynn@SHI.com. For SHI PunchOut Technical Support contact John D'Aquila, eCommerce Operations Manager, at 732-868-6194 or johnd@SHI.com.

Medline Industries, Inc.

MA 758 PUNC1500000002 for Hospital, surgical, and medical supplies has replaced MA 758 1300000397. For general sales inquiries contact your facility's Medline assigned sales representative or Customer Service at service@medline.com or 800-633-5463. If you cannot locate your facility on the Medline PunchOut site, please contact Medline Customer Services. For technical assistance contact your facility's Medline assigned sales representative.

Fisher Scientific

MA 758 PUNC1600000001 for Laboratory Supplies has replaced MA 758 1100000247. For Orders/Customer Service: 800-766-7000, for Fishersci Website Support: 877-885-2081 or fisher.support@thermofisher.com, for eCommerce Systems: 877-372-4334 or ecommerce@thermofisher.com, and for Other Fisher Scientific Issues: bssg@thermofisher.com.

Recently Awarded All State Agency Master Agreements:

  • Lowe's Home Centers, Inc. - MA 758 1300001201

See the attached document for information and instructions on how to purchase using the Lowe's Master Agreement. For more information contact Daniel Salvato  Daniel.Salvato@ky.gov

Lowe's Ordering Key Fob Instructions for MA 758 1300001201


  • Cardinal Office Supply - MA 758 1400000374

Contact Cardinal Office Supply at:

Phone #: 502/875-3300; Fax #: 502/875-2782; Email: bdennler@cardinalos.com

For more information contact Mike Gustafson at Mike.Gustafson@ky.gov


ALL STATE Master Agreement Report as of 11-25-2015.xlsxALL STATE Master Agreement Report as of (11-25-2015)


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