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KRS Chapter 045A - Kentucky Model Procurement Code

KAR 200 - Chapter 5 - Office of Material & Procurement Services

Finance and Administration Policies 

Finance and Administration Bid Protest Resources


Access to Records

Access to Records Clause 092011 (12/12/11)
SO 11-004 Vendor Document Disclosure (12/12/11)


Contract Reductions

Memo-Contract Reductions (04/25/11)
Renewal Letter Example (04/25/11)
Contract Cost Savings Template (04/25/11)


Strategic Procurement Request (SPR)

EO1 Transition to Strategic Procurement Request

***eMARS Instructions will be available prior to the 3.10 Upgrade***



Link to Oregon Reciprocal Preference Website:



The state of Florida’s preference law has changed. This change is not reflected on the Oregon website. The preference applies to personal property only. Per the Florida preference law when a state does not have a preference law Florida applies a 5% preference to the lowest responsible and responsive vendor whose principal place of business is in that state. Agencies shall apply a reciprocal preference to Florida residence bidders accordingly. For additional guidance see 200 KAR 5:400. Kentucky Resident Bidder Reciprocal Preference http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/200/005/400.htm

Below is a a link to Florida Statutes Title XIX Chapter 287, Section 287.084


Instructions for applying reciprocal preferences are located at the following link under Presentations.



Affidavit for Qualified Bidder Status (4/1/11)
Affidavit for Claiming Resident Bidder Status (3/15/11)
Preference Clause - General (6/27/11)
Preference Clause - Sealed Bid (6/27/11)
Preference Clause - Request for Proposal (6/27/11)
Preference from KCI or Qualified Bidder - Example Sealed Bid (2/8/11)
Reciprocal Preference Example Sealed Bid (2/8/11)


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