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Webinars a success!
To help communities and providers prepare for expanded broadband, the Finance and Administration Cabinet recently contracted with CTC Technology and Energy to offer a series of free webinars on a variety of of broadband topics. Click here to download them.
The Commonwealth is pleased to announce that The Broadband Planning Facilitation and Training Services Request for Proposal (RFP 1600000022) has been awarded to three vendors.  The vendors will provide broadband planning, facilitation and training services statewide on behalf of the Commonwealth’s Office of Broadband Outreach and Development.


The Office of Broadband Outreach and Development (OBOD) is making funds available to support two community planning engagements in the eastern portion of Kentucky. Communities in the Appalachian Regional Commission area, coal-producing counties, and Promise Zone counties are eligible to apply for this opportunity.
  • UPDATE 12/02/15
    Community Planning Application is now closed.  Thank you for your submittals. We will be evaluating the applicants with plans to make the award in December.  Check back for further details.
Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)- Now accepting applications for ARC Flex-E-Grant program
The Center for Rural Development’s “Developing and Implementing Community Strategies Program” is accepting grant applications from local government units and nonprofits in cities and counties in Southern and Eastern Kentucky for funding support from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) for projects that build and strengthen community capacity. The application period will be open through December 17, 2015. For more information, visit


“KentuckyWired – the Commonwealth’s Future Broadband Reality”

The Kentucky Broadband Outreach and Strategic Planning Project is managed by the Commonwealth’s Office of Broadband Outreach & Development to promote broadband strategic planning and accelerate broadband development across Kentucky. These activities offer communities assistance in successfully leveraging the benefits of high speed, high capacity fiber.

The project supports KentuckyWired/KY I-Way initiative’s goals to prepare “Fiber Ready” communities, businesses and citizens all across the Commonwealth from border to border. A “Fiber Ready” community supports Broadband adoption in a manner that has a positive impact to a community’s socioeconomic status.

With support from the Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) initiative a Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) – Closing the Digital Divide Pilot will begin in August 2015.  As part of the pilot, two Kentucky communities will be selected to develop broadband strategic plans and leverage knowledgeable consultants to become Fiber Ready.

Check this site to get up-to-date information on the project status and to find the resources and tools for the selected communities.







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